Bipolar Disorder Symptoms- Tests For Determining If You Have Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder symptoms

Considerations about the mental health you have is a very important subject to take into consideration as well. We all need to concern ourselves with bipolar disorder symptoms in our loved ones

Living a normal life requires several things: Good Physical Health and Good Mental Health.

We know about physical health. Proper food, appropriate quantities, exercise, and the right attitude about all of it.

.The brain controls everything you do, it controls your motor skills, your speech and your emotions, and, although you are the only one that knows whether you are in a good mood or a bad one, some people are not in a position to know which because of a mental disorder and their brain is not in control of their emotions.

Generally we call this bipolar disorder or, sometimes, manic-depressive illness. Many people call this disorder manic-depressive because the individual suffering from it cannot control their moods, or indeed, their emotions. One of the bipolar disorder symptoms is the constant mood swings. One minute they are feeling good, the next they are sent into the depths of depression and there may not be a visible reason for it.

Those individuals that are affected with bipolar disorder find that their daily activities are impacted constantly because of the trouble they have with their relationships as well as their performance at school or work. Some of the bipolar disorder symptoms are, indeed, the loss of marriages, friendships, and jobs or grades

The reason to understand all of this is that you should try to make yourself aware that bipolar disorder sufferers, at many times in their lives, live those lives in a very negative way. Many of the people who have bipolar disorder symptoms, because of the disorder in their brains, think that they are useless and have many thoughts that are depressive such as suicide. They believe that they should not exist and many of them attempt (and some of them succeed in) suicide

You should also know that many of them, in their manic phase are also quite active. They feel good, they feel very optimistic and that they can do anything. Some of the bipolar disorder symptoms at this time is that they talk fast, have increased energy and an elevated sex drive.

Along with that part of the bipolar disorder symptoms during their manic phase is that so much is going through their mind that they are unable to focus on one thing for very long. They jump from one thing to another and do not allow that anything is actually wrong. That is why getting tested for bipolar disorder is an absolutely necessary thing to accomplish, otherwise they can hurt themselves and others around them.

In order to be able to get a handle on the proper treatment for you or your loved one, it is critical that the sufferer get tested early on. Most of the bipolar disorder symptoms occur in people during the late teen years, however some people show these symptoms as early as childhood, some not showing any real signs until adulthood.

The ‘tests’ involved in the diagnosis of this disorder include discussions with a psychiatrist. You have to understand that bipolar disorder symptoms do not show up on a CAT scan or X-Rays. During the manic phase, the person will be asked several categories of questions revolving around: “I feel…….”, “I feel powerful”, “I feel that I can do anything…” “I feel energetic…” “I don’t need to sleep…”, etc..

During the depressive phase, the statements will involve: “I’m always tired..”, I feel restless…” etc..

Both of the manic and depressive phases of your disorder will be disruptive in all your relationships, both at work and/or school, and also at home and your other social relations. This is why it is so vitally important to get to your psychiatrist when you feel that your are having problems with your emotions. The tests that he/she will help you perform will identify the bipolar disorder symptoms that you or your family member has and will help in the search for the right treatment to follow..

The one thing that must be understood is that bipolar disorder cannot be cured. The bipolar disorder symptoms can be treated, however, it is a long term treatment that must be entered into. With patience, you will be able to live a normal and productive life filled with the love and attention that you need.

I will stress that it is very important that you get all the information that you can before you start the process of treatments. Please look below for a very informative guide on how to proceed with this very important task.

Mickey Brundege writes on Health and Wellness issues. He has a very healthy outlook on life and strives to enthusiastically help all who need his help to succeed in health or in the business!